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Five advantages of EPS electronic power steering

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Presumably every car owner is familiar with the EPS electronic power steering system of Refine S3, but do you know where the advantages of this system are reflected? Today, the editor will bring you a detailed introduction.

What is EPS electronic power steering?

Based on the traditional mechanical steering system, the EPS electronic power steering system uses the electronic control device to make the electric motor generate the auxiliary power of the corresponding magnitude and direction according to the torque signal on the steering wheel and the driving speed signal of the car to assist the driver in the steering operation.

What are the advantages of EPS electronic power steering?

Energy saving and environmental protection

EPS uses battery as energy source and motor as power element, which can work independently of the engine and save 0.3L/100km of fuel. There is no fuel leakage problem in the hydraulic power steering system, and there is almost no pollution to the environment.

Easy to assemble

The main components of the EPS can be integrated, easy to arrange, compared with the hydraulic power steering system, many components are reduced, the number of components is small, the assembly is convenient, and the time is saved.

High efficiency

The efficiency of hydraulic power steering system is generally 60%~70%, while the efficiency of EPS is higher, which can be as high as 90% or more.

Good road feeling

The traditional pure hydraulic power steering system cannot achieve the portability and road feel of the car when driving at various speeds. The hysteresis characteristics of the EPS system can be compensated by the software of the EPS controller, so that the car can get satisfactory steering assistance at various speeds.

Good return

The EPS system has a simple structure and is not only easy to operate, but also can be adjusted to the EPS controller software to obtain the best return, thereby improving the stability and comfort of the car's handling.

Through the above introduction, the owners of Refine S3 must have a deeper understanding of EPS electronic power steering. Try the car on the road more, and you will experience the advantages of EPS electronic power steering.

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